Spring is here! Time to Fertilize.

With Spring here it is time to fertilize your lawns, shrubs and trees with a “complete balance” fertilizer such as 21-7-14.  This is a 3-1-2 ratio.

The (21) represents total nitrogen (N) which makes your lawn or plants grow and stay green.

The (7)represents Phosphorus (P) which promotes strong root growth.

The (14) represents total Potassium (K) which helps your lawn or plants resist disease.

  • Lawns: apply ¾ to 1 lb per 100 square feet,  8 to 10 Weeks.
  • Shrubs & Flowers: apply ½ to ¾ lb per 100 square feet, 8 to 10 Weeks.
  • Trees: apply ¼ lb per one inch of trunk diameter , 8 to 10 Weeks.

Spread evenly under branches of plant out to the drip line.  Cultivate very lightly into soil.

Note:  Water thoroughly the day before and the day after application.


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